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24 11 2008

We’ve now been in Canada for a year and only now just learning to make our own blog so that you can see what life is like here in Nova Scotia. Most of you will already know from emails of our first year’s adventures, but it should be easier to add pictures and stories through this Blog, so that more people can share our experiences. Since moving into our own house here at Lunenburg, we have really settled down to life in Canada.  It wasn’t till we returned from the UK in May and then September that we felt we were coming home and really appreciated the lifestyle here.

We have just had the first big snowstorm of this winter, blocking our road and forcing us to do quite a bit of digging. The last owner of this house had a snow-blower, but that, unlike the ride-on lawnmower, did not come with the house. It takes some time to dig out 150 yards of driveway. If this is a snowy winter we might have to employ someone with a little snow plough to clear it after each storm.

Everyone in this area (can’t be specific about Canada) feeds the birds. We have had wonderful humming birds on the hollyhocks all summer and beautiful American Goldfinches. Right now we are inundated with Blue Jays which look lovely, but are noisy and scoop up the sunflower seeds as fast as we can fill the feeder. We enjoy the little Parula Warblers, Chickadees, Pine Grosbeaks and Downy Woodpeckers. We keep having to run to the bird book or look online whenever we see something we don’t recognise.

Blue Jay on my 'hand-made' bird feeder.

Blue Jay on 'hand-made' bird feeder.




One response

25 11 2008
Anne Logie

Hi folk`s
How clever you all are .Do love the blue Jay`s red house.
Look forward to seeing more photos.

Love AnneXXX.

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