Father Christmas Festival

30 11 2008

This is the second year that we’ve attended the ‘Father Christmas Festival’ at Mahone Bay – last year was with our friends from new Brunswick. The weather was freezing and Helen and I didn’t manage to do what we’d planned as Jeff and Euan failed to meet up with us at the designated spot – having, as usual, not listened to our directions.This year, the weather was much warmer and we had Louise and Cameron to accompany us.

Louise with nice old man

Louise with nice old Santa

Mahone Bay does a good job of decorating the town with life-sized figures. Some of you will remember my photos earlier this year of the ‘Scarecrow Festival’, when the shops had similar figures. These special events attract visitors to the town and so help all the small businesses. We wandered round the town and Louise and I visited the decorated houses on display and photographed the figures, while the men went off to wash the car.

Christmas Family

Christmas Family


Santa showing off the 3 churches

Another Santa

Another Santa

We manged to meet up with Cameron and Jeff and headed home for a coffee.

This one looks rather Scottish, don't you think?

This one looks rather Scottish, don't you think?

A nice day out to get us into the Christmas spirit.




One response

20 11 2009

Santa Festival? Omg, how good idea that is. I like the idea. The Scottish is looking a little bit “weird”.

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