Christmas Lights – Tasteful and Tacky

3 12 2008

It seems that the end of November is the start of the Christmas Light season. Here in Lunenburg the town lights were switched on at the week-end with the main tree at the bandstand, surrounded by little trees.

Trees at Bandstand

Trees at Bandstand

This part of the town looks very pretty, especially with the very attractive house overlooking the bandstand, with a candle in every window.


However, not all the lights are so tasteful. some house have lights of glaring oranges and purples. Gardens are filled with wire frames of various shapes covered in gaudy lights. Yards have plastic, blow-up Santas, reindeer, snowmen, angels, elves and castles. It seems that some houses are trying to outdo each other. Tonight we went out with the camera to capture some of these, but I didn’t get very good photos and others weren’t switched on for the evening.

I know that Louise is planning to get photos of some particularly ‘spectacular’ lights she’s seen, so you could check out her blog at

I also found a site with some really tacky Christmas lights at It makes what we’ve seen not so bad after all!

What has happened to simple, home-made Christmas decorations with a few lights?




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