The Great Suet Hunt

14 12 2008

Since my report on 4th December, I am delighted to tell you folks back home that there will be Christmas Puddings in the Queen household after all. There is this store in Halifax owned by Pete, who started out with a market stall in the Victorian Market in Nottingham. He moved to Canada in 1979 and now owns a national award-winning specialty grocery store. Pete’s Frootique is a store within a store, specializing in deli, produce, bakery, meats and fish and more. There’s a friendly atmosphere and often a musician playing a baby grand piano.

We found this store on one of our first trips to Halifax and were delighted to be able to buy such exotic foods as Walker’s oatcakes, Frank Cooper’s vintage marmalade and Heinz baked beans!

Louise and Cameron were at Halifax last week-end and popped in to stock up on real Bisto and real HP sauce. Louise noticed these packets and bought one, not sure if it was what I wanted.

atora-lightI was looking for suet, but never dreamt I’d be lucky enough to get vegetable suet here. Pete’s Frootique turns up trumps every time.

Louise and I set to on Monday and we have now 2 very fine Christmas puddings made with Mrs. Beeton’s recipe.




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