More Music from St John’s, Lunenburg

18 12 2008

Yesterday Louise and I attended a lunchtime concert at St John’s Anglican Church. This was the venue for the ‘Concert of 100 Candles’, I wrote about on 7th December. It is a beautiful setting for any concert.


It was snowing heavily but we decided to brave the storm and enjoy the music. Pamela Rogers, soprano, sang a selection of Christmas favourites whilst her father, Wayne, accompanied her on the piano. I thoroughly enjoyed the variations to some well know pieces. At the end of each song, I felt that we should show our appreciation, by applauding, but being a reticent Scot, I thought I’d wait for the others to lead – which they didn’t.

I was extremely confused when Pamela started to sing ‘Away in a Manger’ as the tune matched an old Scottish ballad. In my head I sang the words

Cauld winter was howlin’ o’er moor and o’er mountain
And wild was the surge of the dark rolling sea,
When I met about daybreak a bonnie young lassie,
Wha asked me the road and the miles to Dundee.
-Now try and sing the words of ‘Away in a Manger ‘to the tune of this.

For those who don’t know the tune then’ The Corries’ will help you.

(My friend, Kathryn and I were great followers of ‘The Corries’ at Dundee University Folk Club and even had the Aran jerseys!)

My thoughts strayed to Dundee, home of Jute, Jam, Journalism and Wallace’s pies, but were soon brought back to the concert with the next piece. All too soon Pamela was ending with ‘O Holy Night’ another song I recognised. I can’t find any link to Pamela Rogers, but you can hear

Celine Dion singing it here.

or, if you prefer Celtic Woman

or Mariah Carey’s own inimitable style

There’s no shortage of online concerts with this Christmas favourite.

This was a most enjoyable concert and I hope to have the pleasure of hearing Pamela Rogers in the future.




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