Canadian Outhouses

2 01 2009

I only ever remember visiting an outside toilet (of a house) in Scotland once and that was over 50 years ago in the mining village where I grew up. Today they are a very rare occurrence , but here in Atlantic Canada, very close to our house, there still remains several of these structures. We think that the fact that the ground at Blue Rocks and Stonehurst is solid rock would have caused real problems digging drains in the past.

Below I just wish to show photographs of outhouses in various states of repair. Some of the locations are fantastic.


Some are now used as garden sheds.


Others are used for animals or to tie the washing.


Many are  now overgrown.


And even in danger of falling over completely.


Whereas this outhouse we photographed last winter ………..


looks as if it has been renovated by Colin and Justin.


What about this for location – the last outhouse for 2,000 miles across the Atlantic!

Any building on a site like this in the South of England would cost at least $400,000!

Anyone visiting us in the summer is in for a real treat when we will take you to the Museum of Outhouses down the road at Liverpool!  For those who just can’t wait, you can get a sneak preview of this thrilling museum here




One response

18 11 2009

Wow. This was just what I like. You took photos from vanishing landscape history. We have some here and there them. on My “summer cottage”, I built a new one two years ago. The preceding lasted about 60 years and it was built by my late father.

The second last outhouse is quite typical here.

This was a really great blog!!!

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