More Canadian Birds

11 01 2009

This is just a look at the birds we see in our garden just now, during the winter. The little chap below is the Downy Woodpecker and we see him on a daily basis at the nuts or suet block. The female is just lacking the red spot.


These little Parula Warblers remind me of the chaffinches back home. They are very sociable and come often in groups.



The Black-capped Chickadees are so like our Great Tits and very friendly. They sit and wait while you fill up the feeder and you can almost touch them. Maybe I’ll get a photo of one on my hand before the end of winter.


Another daily visitor is the Dark-eyed Junco,


as well as the Red Poll


What we don’t see here are the Robins, we so connected with Christmas. Here American Robins are large,  Blackbird-like birds with russet breasts. They have all gone just now but just before they left they were in our garden in huge numbers- about 60, eating up worms and grubs from the grass.

There are lots of different ducks on any open water in the bays.  My favourites are the Hooded Mergansers which we see in large numbers.


We are looking forward to the return of the tiny Ruby-throated humming birds next summer. I’ll try and get some photos this year when they feed at the hollyhocks.




One response

7 02 2009
Anne Logie

Really liked all these snap`s.

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