26250 Woodstock Road – The Middle of Nowhere!

9 02 2009

On Sunday we decided to have a drive along a track (Woodstock Road)  which goes out through the woods at the back of  Mahone Bay. We had  tried to drive out this way last year but the snow was very deep and we eventually turned around when we came across a broken down snow plough  and an impassable road.

This is a dirt road that runs through the middle of nowhere between Mahone Bay, Walden and then Maplewood.  Louise  and Cameron had a trip here before Christmas and told us about coming across a pub on this road????  There are some cabins along the road and a few tracks off to ??? houses, lakes??

The aspen trees were fabulous and there were some really old cedars and white pine trees.

Suddenly we came across this bulding


You can see the road has been cleared in front of it, but what is it and why is it here?


Is the lobster creel on the roof of any use or just decorative?


The ‘Walk in and Stagger Out’ sign would definitely make you think it is a pub, but what about the ‘Enchanted Crystal’, or the ‘Penny Farthing”?

Unfortunately the place was closed, so we will have to have another trip out there to find out what it is and who goes there. It would be a great cycle out  if we could be guaranteed a refreshment.

You can see the location of this road at

Woodstock Road




One response

18 11 2009

In past decennies we had red wooden house and that is why I felt homelike when seeing it.

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