Road Signs

10 02 2009

When we first arrived here on the South shore we were very impressed by the signage on the Highway for the main towns of Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Chester and Bridgewater. These are large attractive signs that try to say something about the town. The one for Lunenburg shows the colourful painted houses and the Bluenose II racing schooner.


Whereas the one  for Mahone Bay shows the famous three churches side by side in the bay.


Further down the highway is the unremarkable town of Liverpool whose  claim to fame on its highway sign is something to do with being the home of the privateers! So not too dissimilar to the Liverpool in the UK!  They have a Privateers festival every year (instead of a Highland Games).

privateer festival

Something that amuses us greatly is the choice of names for towns, hamlets or regions. Sometimes it seems as if the new inhabitants were lacking in imagination. Just along from us here at Lunenburg, there is an area (not even a village but a typical spread-out community) called Centre with a large school called Centre School.


Then along the road is Front Centre and Back Centre. Sounds a bit like the players in a football team.


Near  Bridgewater there is a Northfield, a Lower Northfield, an Upper Northfield and a West Northfield. We haven’t found North or South yet.


It’s a similar story with Branch, Upper Branch, Lower Branch and Midville Branch and Middle River, Lower Middle River, Upper middle River and West Middle River.

Then there are the villes.  Harbourville, Centreville, Farmville, Margaretsville, Summerville, Woodville, Wolfville,  Smithville, Wileville, Thomasville and Granville: to name a few.

Of course, there are many Scottish place names, with Inverness, New Glasgow, Port Clyde, Dalhousie, New Ross, Scotch Village, Caledonia, Wallace Bay, Dingwall, Mackinnon’s Brook, Macdonald’s Glen, Glencoe, Glen Tosh, Piper’s Glen ……………………………….

Surnames here are very unusual – but I’ll leave that for another day.




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6 03 2009

I’m intrigued you must tell me whats behind the door when you can open it!

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