Cheeky Squirrels!

15 02 2009

At first we were amused when we spotted a red squirrel feeding in our bird box. But then he didn’t want to go and completely emptied the box of sunflower seeds.


Jeff tried to chase him away, but he would have none of it. Obviously this stash of seed was his own personal store.


He sneaked in from every angle, through the shrubs, under the deck – he knew the hiding places.


Not content with eating all the sunflower seeds, he then attacked the seed bell!


And the woodpeckers nut bar! We hadn’t seen any birds for over a week and then we watched him chasing the Blue Jays away!


The final straw was when he decided to gnaw the slot at the bottom of the box, so that he could go inside to eat everything.  He would sit in there for hours at a time or run in there if we tried to chase him.


Then he brought a friend or mate!!!


I tried to deter him with a net, but he was too clever for that!


I was beaten, but I did want to see all the little birds back. So I have moved the red box to a tree next to the garage and he has been in it all afternoon. The birds have returned to the feeders.





One response

18 03 2009
Anne Logie

Love him or her.Hope you have you`r bird`s back.

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