HELP – What do we do now?

24 02 2009

It was a wild night last night and when we got up we noticed that the top had blown off our bird feeder – or so we thought! On closer inspection we found that the yellow plastic was chewed through and even the plastic tube filled with seed had huge holes in it. We replaced the top but when we next looked out it was back on the ground and our little friend, the red squirrel, was sitting chewing on a sunflower seed.


He then decided it was time for another and showed us just how agile he is!


This way, then twist round, then…….

img_01631ease yourself in……….


and slide down…………………………….img_0148

Now that wasn’t too difficult.

img_0154I’m really quite a clever chap…… for some more!

img_0168We will definitely have to organise a better system for next winter so that the bird feeders are squirrel free. I have been reading about special squirrel feeders that they have to learn to open – that should be fun!




4 responses

25 02 2009

These came out really well! Every squirrel tells a story, etc..

6 03 2009

I absolutely love this cheeky chappy! he is georgous and must be so much fun to watch.Love the birds too, however I think I could spend all day watching him.

13 01 2011

Your photos of this beautiful squirrel are absolutely wonderful! I hope you were able to solve your feeder problem this winter. They can be very persistent rascals.

13 01 2011

Thanks for your comment. We haven’t seen much of the squirrel this winter. I bought a metal squirrel resistant feeder, that seems to have done the trick.

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