More Wildlife in our Garden

11 03 2009

We haven’t seen a great deal of the deer in our garden while the grass has been hidden under the snow.  Last week we did see three, one of them swinging a broken leg along behind it. It had obviously suffered the same fate on the ice as many Nova Scotians. At this time of the year the hospitals are full of people who have fallen on the ice, as I did last year. An 81 year old neighbour fell on her driveway a couple of weeks ago, breaking an ankle and a wrist and lay for an hour till she was found.

But now that the snow is going (although as I write this, it is snowing heavily and the grass is completely covered again) the deer are desperate for a little bit of food and today came right up to the house to eat.


These are white tailed deer or whitetails because of their white tails which they wave as they run away. This must make them an easy target for the hunter. I let them eat for a while then tried to get their attention at the window. They posed nicely for the camera.


Then ran away into the woods, waving their white tails behind them.deer-3

One was a bit slower than the others and stayed for an extra snapshot.

deer-4I was  wakened a couple of nights ago by a strange barking noise. I thought it was a fox, but not like any fox we had heard at Glenshee. It was coming from just at the side of our garage but I couldn’t see anything even in the moonlight. I opened the window and the noise stopped. Of course, I just got back to bed and it started again. I wakened Jeff to ask him what it was and he, (very happy to hear it) also thought it was a fox. We then listened as it moved away through the woods, the crying getting more distant.

I searched online and found this site that has lots of fox cries.

Fox Calling out

The third one down is the sound I heard.Let us know if you hear it.

We did often see a fox crossing our garden last year, perhaps it will have cubs with it this year. Maybe I’ll get some photos for you.




One response

18 03 2009
Anne Logie

Yes did hear it .It`s amazing

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