This is Just Too Much!

30 03 2009

After our battles with the squirrels and the bird food, we came downstairs one morning last week to find all of the suet hangers, woodpecker blocks and seed bells – gone, and just the metal containers on the ground.  We at first thought the squirrel had brought all of its friends and relations, but then we realised it was something else – a raccoon. We haven’t seen a raccoon in the garden but then they are nocturnal, so difficult to spot and photograph. Here is a library picture for those who’d have difficulty with raccoon recognition.


And this could have been our friend on our deck.


I read how raccoons eat everything and that the trick was to take the feeders inside at night. We have been doing that and so far so good.

I have been really researching anti raccoon and squirrel feeders so that we are organised for next winter. Actually most people feed the birds all summer, but I think I’ll wait till next winter to take on the challenge.

I found this site with what looks like the solution. You must look at this – it is really funny. Click on the ‘ See The Video’, it might take a wee while to load but I guarantee it is worth it.




4 responses

4 04 2009

The video is hilarious. Cameron and I both thought for a moment that you had caught the raccoon on camera, it really looks like your deck!

4 04 2009

Yes, we thought it was our deck too!!!!

9 04 2009
Anne Logie

just managed to get into it now .really funny. Must let Mum see it on Sat.

11 04 2009
Anne Logie

Mum thought it really funny

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