Architecture at Bear River

14 04 2009

As I said Bear River is built on the Bear River, which is tidal. Some of the buildings in the centre are built on stilts over the river. The buildings are wooden and brightly painted.on-stilts

on-stilts-31The architecture is varied, with a mix of European and American. This house was definitely influenced by the German school.

german-styleWhereas this is simpler, but colourful.


I think this building must have been a little house, otherwise why the elaborate detail above the door and windows.ornate-houseThe spire of the United Baptist Church towers over the other buildings.

church-domeHave you ever seen a horse on a weather vane?

horse-weather-vaneThis one is on this lovely wooden stable.


Bear River is one of those special places and I’m sure we will have more trips there, if we can stand the 3 hour drive. Property is very cheap there, so maybe a holiday house would be a good idea.




2 responses

18 11 2009

This was great to see. I love very much to see many photos comparing things than only one photo. The third photo was great shot.

18 11 2009

Thank you for all your kind comments. I am off to look at your photographs.

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