Green Bay to Broad Cove

30 04 2009

Last Saturday we walked one of our favourite walks, from Green Bay to Broad Cove. This is only about an 8 mile walk but as there is some rough walking over rocky areas and even some streams to ford it took us a total of 4 hours – that’s with a good long picnic at Broad Cove before we returned to Green Bay. Some of the walk is around pretty little beaches.


Then there are rocky foreshores to tackle.


Then trails through wooded areas with the beach on one side and lagoons on the other.


There were little boats fishing and using  a sail to help them move along.


We spotted this unusual bird at Broad Cove, while we were having our picnic. I managed to get only this one photo, before it flew off.


I found it in my bird book and it is a  Belted  Kingfisher. My book says that these kingfishers teach their young to fish by stunning a fish and putting it on the surface of the water, then the young practise diving for it.

We headed home and while we waited for the little ferry to take us across the La Have River I got this photo of the amazing Loon.


He wasn’t happy about me taking his photo, so he dived under and came up well off shore. The Loon’s call is a really haunting cry, a lou-lou-lou; a bit like the curlew, our favourite bird from Glenshee.


Here comes our ferry to take across to the Lunenburg side again.




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