Heckman’s Island to The Rackets and Sacrifice Island

26 05 2009

Today was another lovely calm day so we decided to try the kayaking around Blue Rocks. A couple of miles from the house and we were unloading the kayak into the water at the cranberry farm on Heckman’s Island. The water was like the proverbial mill pond, so it was easy paddling out.


We headed towards the Rackets first of all to see if we could see any seals. They were popping up all around us and then diving back down.

You might be able to see the black heads on the water here.

Seals in distance

And the splash as one dives down.

Seal splash

The mothers were crying to the pups and telling them to follow them. I tried to get a video – not great, but you might be able to see something.


We landed on Sacrifice Island and I bent to help Jeff lift the kayak up the beach, only to do something to my back and be left standing in agony with pain going from the base of my back down both legs. I couldn’t move and didn’t know how I was going to get back to the mainland. My mobile phone was working so I thought we could always call the air ambulance.

I managed another little video, but now I have found out how to take them and put them on you tube, I’ll be able to treat you to some more of our adventures.


I eventually managed to get myself seated on the kayak and Jeff found the paracetamol in the First Aid bag. I managed my picnic and then with a bit of trouble got back on my feet.

This is a view from Sacrifice Island. You can see why it is such a great area to kayak with all the little islands and rocky ledges.


We heard a strange noise and found this little seal pup lying sucking on a boulder. Jeff took this photo of it.

Seal pup1

I managed to get myself back into the kayak and Jeff paddled all the way home himself. we had a great view of an osprey as we landed and if I’d had the better camera could have had a photo of the nest on the top of a tall dead pine, with a bird sitting in it.

Another great trip.




2 responses

26 05 2009

What a fantastic photo of the baby seal! Both videos work perfectly. Cameron and I are looking forward to taking the kayak out to see the seals, hopefully the baby won’t be on the beach anymore though!

21 06 2009

Hope your back gets better quickly. Just watched your videos.They came out brilliant.Even the commentary was so clear.

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