Lupins, Lupins Everywhere

25 06 2009

Lupins are not an unusual flower, and we had our share of them on the banking at Glensheee and there was a big corner of yellow lupins on the way to Lunan Bay. But it was just the sheer number of lupins here in Nova Scotia, that amazed us last summer and now again this summer. Ground that lay under snow all winter and then looked pretty dead in spring has burst into colour. Both sides of the highways are lined in lupins and it just seems that there are lupins everywhere.

Lupins 1

The old railway track that runs almost around Nova Scotia and which, in fact goes almost across Canada has been made into a walking/biking track and this too is lined in lupins.

Lupins 4

This photo is a bit out of focus, but it does show the extent of the lupins in places.


Not only are we enjoying the lupins, but the rowan and hawthorn blossom is fantastic. I don’t think we have ever seen so much hawthorn blossom on one tree as this.

Hawthorn 1

We  always spot at least one heron on our walk around the old railway at Lunenburg. This old man was completely unfazed by us.





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