Ospreys and Gannets

4 07 2009

Every year at Glenshee we looked forward to the arrival of the osprey as it returned to a little loch nearby. Tourists came from far and wide to photograph the male fishing or the young ones on their first flight.

But in Scotland extreme measures have often to be taken to protect the nests of these birds, and locations such as the Loch of the Lowes have to have a  24 hour guard on the nest.

This fact amazes Canadians. They love their birds and cannot understand why anyone would wish to steal eggs or poison Golden Eagles.

So, the osprey is a very common bird here in Nova Scotia. There are nests along the Highways, in people’s gardens and in many places poles are erected for their nests. One such pole stands at the edge of the golf course in Lunenburg. The female is easy to spot and makes quite a din as she orders the male to catch dinner.

IMG_0046Here he is  flying over the bay, but as we watched, he had no success. Last week we saw him delivering a fish into the nest, but of course, I had no camera.

Osprey 1

The female became impatient.

Osprey 3And decided to leave the nest for a stretch of the wings.

Osprey 4

Hopefully we will soon be able to watch the young ones as they learn to fish in the bay.

One thing we are sure of is that there will still be plenty of ospreys around next year, when they return from South America.

I must here post a photo of a gannet which we found on the road at Second Peninsula. He was walking along the tarred road on his huge flat feet. I got out and tried to make him cross to the water, but he would have none of it. He opened his wings and made a loud noise and I was sure he would attack me, so we just had to leave him. Perhaps he was old or hurt, but he was not in his element.





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