Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct- Part 1

9 07 2009

Kejimkujik National Park has two separate areas – the main one is inland, the other at the coast. It is the Seaside Adjuct that is our favourite, with trails that take you across board walks to the granite headlands or to a wonderful sandy beach. We went there last Saturday and walked the 9km walk around the rocky coastline. These cormorants were enjoying the warm weather despite the slight fog.Cormorants 1

We spotted a pair of  cedar waxwings up in this tree.

Waxwing 4

I didn’t realise how good a photo this was till I got home and put it on the computer. I am really pleased with the movement.

Waxwing flying

Further along the trail we were attracted by the noise of what we thought was a wren. On looking closer we spotted this Yellowthroat with its black mask.Yellowthroat 2

As is usual in the bird world the female is duller and not so flashy. She looks a bit like a yellow robin, don’t  you think?

Yellowthroat 4

We spotted a porcupine on our last visit  here, but had no time to get the camera. This time I had the camera in my hand, but still can only give you an idea of how he looks, as he was camera shy. At least you can see one ear clearly.

Porcu 1Here he is heading off into the thick scrub.

Porcu 4

I will put the rest of my photos on the next part of this post.




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10 07 2009

Excellent photos. Well done.

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