Kayaking at Blue Rocks

4 08 2009

Just had to put on these photos of our latest kayaking trip on Sunday. For the first time, I didn’t take my camera, and so of course we saw so much. Luckily Bob had his camera.

It was an amazingly hot morning and we left the little rocky cove at Stonehurst and paddled round to Blue Rocks. We paddled between East Point Island and Little East Point Island and there we came across this baby seal, completely on its own. It wanted to play and talk and just swam around us and lay on the bottom looking at us. This is a fantastic photo that Bob shot.


If you look closely you can see the pup swimming around down below us.

Playing with a baby seal - Blue rocks Aug 2nd '09 008

Then we landed on a little beach to have a break. Roger had just gone in for a swim when this otter mother and her 3 cubs appeared. The mother was making blowing noises and kept bringing the cubs in to look at us, before diving down. Sometimes, she surfaced with the young ones on her back.

Jeff decided to join them for a swim.


Then as we paddled off, they followed us and swam around us. They seemed to be very friendly and were just very inquisitive.


We didn’t want to leave them, it was just such a marvellous experience to be so close to these lovely creatures. I think it will be a long time before we have a better trip than this one.





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