Tartan Totes and Tartan Bags

9 08 2009

Some of you already know about our new cottage industry. Louise and I were trying to think of something we could do from home that would involve our past life in Scotland and our new life in Nova Scotia and came up with the idea of making bags from recycled and new tartan.

This is quite different from Glenshee Pottery, yet similar, in that we are making something by hand and so every piece is unique. We are learning a great deal as we make new designs and having to redesign styles that don’t work the way we think they should. It is all very exciting and I look forward to each new bag.

Louise’s friend,Caitlin, was over from Scotland and she loved the green fabric of a shirt we had, so we made her a bag from it. We managed to incorporate the shirt pocket into the bag and used braces as the closure. We even managed to make this bag reversible.


I think the green flannel works well with the check.


Louise bought this new fabric as she thought it would be a change from traditional tartan. I wasn’t sure about it, but now that it’s been made into a bag, I think this might be a colour for the young ones.

CI made this nice Stewart Black tartan into a bag for a friend’s birthday and she seemed delighted with it. I should have taken a photo of the Morrison’s  trolley token with the smiley face that I clicked into the keyring for Good Luck. If anyone has any lying around we could make that a feature of some bags.


This bag below is made in the Nova Scotia tartan. It is bright but jolly.


Take a look at our web site www.tartantotes.com

Please leave comments on what you think works with our idea and how we can improve it. We will be very grateful for all advice and suggestions on how to market our goods.




One response

18 11 2009

Lovely looking bags. In my country it is very popular to make them in our homes.

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