Hurricane Bill hits Nova Scotia

23 08 2009

We have been a bit tense the last few days, watching the progress of Hurricane Bill. The Hurricane Centre at Dartmouth was predicting it would hit the East Coast of Nova Scotia last night and today and might be serious, due to the extremely hot weather we have been experiencing for the past couple of weeks.

We tied everything¬† up outside that couldn’t be moved inside and cleared our deck. This meant bringing all of our garden pots inside. Some to the basement.Basement

And our tomatoes, squashes and geraniums to the TV room!

TV room

Leaving an empty deck.

Cleared deck

We had heavy rain in the morning and lost our power for an hour but the winds did not get to the speeds predicted.

Once everything calmed down a bit this afternoon we all headed to Hirtle’s Beach to get some spectacular photos. We looked down on other surf watchers from the cliff above.

Looking down on Hirtle beach

The sea looked like a steaming cauldron.

Huge rollers

These houses had the best seats for the show.


We had been kayaking the past three Sundays, but perhaps to-day was a day we had to miss.




2 responses

24 08 2009
Anne Logie

I will just make do with our cold weather here.!!! Hope weather get`s better again for you .

24 08 2009

It was really nothing. We had much worse storms at Glenshee, they just weren’t called hurricanes. And the huge seas were amazing to see.

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