A Sail on The Eastern Star at Lunenburg

7 09 2009

Last Wednesday was my Birthday and I really wanted to do something different. I fancied going on the Bluenose, but it had headed to Gloucester,Massachusetts for a schooner festival. So we decided to have a sail on the Eastern Star, a 48 foot, wooden ketch which sails 3 times a day during the summer months.

The Eastern Star is below Cameron and Louise. The ship behind them is the Concordia, just preparing to take pupils of the School Afloat off for a 10 month trip.

Cam and Lou

There was a good breeze blowing, so there was no need for the engine, other than to leave and return to our berth. Jeff helped haul up the sail, but that photo seems to be missing. Here he is just admiring his handywork.

Jeff surveying sail

We left the harbour sitting on the seats.


But once we were out of the bay and she heeled over, it was easier to sit on the deck with our feet almost in the water.

Feet at waterWe sailed past the lighthouse at Battery Point which has the fog horn that keeps us awake at night.

our lighthouseOur trip lasted about one and a half hours, before we returned to Lunenburg Harbour.

Return to LunenburgAngus – another Scot, was painting Cameron and Louise’s house and took this photo as we sailed down to Blue Rocks.

Us on yacht

Here is a wee video of our trip.


If you like this, maybe you’ll come for a real trip with us.




3 responses

11 09 2009
Anne Logie

NO WAY. sea sick just lookig at vidio. You all look well .Canadian food must agree with you all.

21 06 2010
16 08 2013

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