Moby Dick in Lunenburg

30 09 2009

Lunenburg is a quiet little town, yet a lot happens here. This past week has seen the filming of a  television mini series of Moby Dick.

There was a need for extras and I thought that would be something very different to try, but as they needed women of size 6 and 8 to fit into the costumes, I couldn’t have a part. Jeff, however, was accepted, but as he was only going to keep me happy, he didn’t bother to join in the fun.

Lunenburg became Nantucket and the boat yard and foundry the location of the sets.


William Hurt plays Captain Ahab with Gillian Anderson as his wife. Ethan Hawke and Donald Sutherland also star.

The Curling Club ice shed was used for the costumes.

costumesThis lady is dressed as a Quaker.

ladyOne scene was an auction of whale oil.

auctionThis was the twelfth trip round for this horse and buggy.

horseThe first morning of filming was foggy, so it must have helped create the atmosphere for this scene.

ferryThe main water scenes are being filmed in Malta and Norseboat of Lunenburg is making 6  traditional whaling boats which will be shipped out for the filming.

Some more filming was done at the Lennox Tavern in Lunenburg and Jeff and I did see Gillian Anderson in costume with her children.

It will be interesting to see the production. Perhaps you in the UK might get a chance to see it too.

I’ve just found this site, with updated information and more photos.




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