Fall in Nova Scotia (Part 2)

18 10 2009

Here are some more of the photos we took last week-end at Falls Lake.

There are lots of different varieties of aster flowers around just now, both purple and white. But the cold weather is hitting them and they are struggling to survive.D Flowers

These lichen look like foam on the water or an early fall of snow.

Lichen 2

These are another variety.

Lichen 3

We think this must be a beaver’s lodge, but we saw no sign of any animals in the water or around it.  Any ideas? (See helpful comment at the bottom.)

Beaver C

We thought this was worth a photograph. This pipe is taking water down from the lake to a turbine. It seems it needs some work.

Water pipe C

The colours of the leaves, the trunks and the bright sky remind me of a wonderful day. We will walk here again during the winter, but it will be another year before we see it in such splendour.

Trunks 1




2 responses

1 01 2010
D.M. Feit

I think you will find that the lodge you found was the home of a muskrat a water animal that also builds from sticks.


beaver lodges are built in the middle of a pond and the opening is under water.
The beavers maintain the dams they build to keep the water level constant around their lodges.
D.M. Feit

2 01 2010

Thank you for your help. We are new to Canada, so don’t know about these creatures yet. Your link is very informative.

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