Blomidon Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

3 11 2009

We finally made it across to Blomidon Provincial Park, another of our favourite places, especially in the fall. The park closes at Labour Day week-end in September, but that just means you can’t take your car right into the park or camp at the sites.

We started out along the Jodrey Trail and took this photo looking back along towards Wolfville.

c iew from prk

There were still some leaves left on the maples, beech and oaks, but a greater number on the ground.c leaves

The holes in this dead tree amazed us, but I have been reading that they were probably made by the pileated woodpecker. That is a bird we haven’t spotted yet. It is large and makes these holes to get at ants and other insects. It then makes its nest in one of the holes. Other birds and animals use the other holes for their nests.

c woodpecker at work

I copied this picture, but hopefully I’ll get my own photograph next year.


All of the camping sites have their own picnic bench and fire pit, just like the Five Islands Provincial Park we visited in September. When we were there we looked across the Bay of Fundy to Blomidon, this time we looked back to the Five Islands Park.

camping spot 1

These bracket fungi look as if they are little shelves or steps on the trunk. Perhaps even some wonderful sculpture.

bracket fungi

On the way home we passed a bluberry farm and I had to take the bushes with their scarlet leaves.

blueberry fields




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13 01 2011

Pileated woodpeckers are very large birds (up to 50 cm long), much bigger than the flickers (up to 33 cm long). Their heads seem perfectly hinged for drilling holes in trees. I can see how they would have the ability and energy to create so many holes in one tree. It must have been full of tasty things for them to eat.

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