Another trip to Kejimkujik

11 11 2009

We thought we needed another trip to Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct before the winter and we couldn’t have chosen a better day.

We decided to walk out the stony beach way first and then have our picnic on the sandy beach. There was a barrier across the route we wanted to take and a notice saying the route was closed due to storm damage. But we have waded across mountain streams and even the head of Loch Avon, so we didn’t think there would be anything that would prevent us from getting round the coast. Obviously the damage was caused during Hurricane Bill, that I wrote about in August. You will remember my photos of the seas after that storm, so it is quite understandable that we found boardwalks ripped out and carried well up from the shore. Where the boardwalks had been was like crossing burns, but we managed. Trees had also been ripped up and huge boulders washed up from the shore.

Storm damage 1

We noticed this boat washed up on this island, the last time we were at the park, so it was not caused by Hurricane Bill. Nor was it washed off this time.

Boat on island

The sky was blue, the water green and just a light swell on the sea.

Waves 2

We thought this little piping plover would have gone, but he was obviously enjoying the sunshine too.

Plover 4

The storm had changed the  sandy beach and the first part has now become a stony beach.

Beach 3

But there there was still enough sand for us to sit and have our picnic.

Beach 1

We wonder if someone can tell us what these prints were made by. There was a large gap between each set of prints, looking as if the animal had bounded forwards.


These look more like a dog, but there were no prints of people and no dogs around. We had this fantastic beach all to ourselves.

Prints 3I couldn’t leave Kejimkujik without yet another rock picture for my collection. I have photos of rocks from the tors in the Cairngorms to  rocky outcrops in the Dolomites; I just love rocks.

You might notice that wrecked boat again out on the island.

Rocks 3 (2)No doubt we will notice more changes on our next visit to thepark. That’s the great thing about the coast, it is always changing.




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