Some Cycling Adventurers

30 11 2009

Some of you may have seen Mark Beaumont on TV after  he claimed the new  Guinness World Record for cycling around the world. He completed 18,000 miles in 194 days! Mark and his sisters  grew up at Bridge of Cally, near Glenshee and our son, Cameron and Mark cycled in the forest at Crow Hill and up Glen Callater, when they were very young.

We had just moved to Canada as Mark was travelling on his world trip and I followed his journey with interest. His record was actually beaten by James Bowthorpe, who cut the record to 175 days. Right now, Julian Sayarer is on his last 400 miles and if all goes according to plan, should beat the record again by about 10 days. Where does this end? There must be a limit to how fast one man and his bike can travel.

But, Mark  is now on a new adventure, cycling from Alaska to Argentina. No mean feat, but he climbed Mount McKinley on his way through Alaska and plans to climb Aconcagua as he travels through Argentina. He is filming and making a series for the BBC. You can read about his trip and follow his journey at

Since following Mark, I’ve found that half the world is on its bike, either on extended trips taking years, or just out at week-ends.

This family of 4 have been cycling from Alaska to Argentina as well, and actually met up with Mark.

You can read their adventures at

I also read about a couple from Mull, travelling the same route with their 8 year old daughter.

But this expedition really inspired me.

Ann Wilson, at the age of 59, decided to set off on her own adventure.

Read about it here

And this couple from Muthill, on their way to Australia!

Another adventurer whose writings I love to read is Alastair Humphreys. He has been on lots of different expeditions and has written book.

His web site is worth bookmarking and looking at again and again.

It seems that we are never too old to do something different. Anyone fancy cycling across Canada with Jeff and I or maybe walking the Apalachian trail?




3 responses

30 11 2009
Family on Bikes

Go for it!! Seriously – you won’t regret it.

Thank you so much for putting us in your post. We’ve been having a blast – 18 months on the road so far with another year or more to go! The boys are loving their life onthe road and are learning tons!


2 12 2009

Wow. I am speechless after reading Your post. I like biking, but so much in a day (average 148 kilometers), seems to be impossible to me. The trip from Alaska to Argentina must be a hard case. When I was 40 younger, I visited in Brazil (Penedo) at a Finnish colony and there I heard the story about a Finn who biked round the world. At that time it was a “deed” when we are thinking about bikes of that epoch.

I liked very much Your post and it gives to me again more ardour to continue biking next summer. Thank You.

2 12 2009

Yes, the internet is wonderful. It gives us a chance to travel the world and have these journeys along with the adventurers. It also makes us realise that we can do more with our lives if we really want to. There are just so many expeditions taking place right now, on land and sea.

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