My Tartan Paintings

5 12 2009

Last weekend, Tartan Totes had a stall at the local Christmas Craft Fair. I have been too busy making bags and teddy bears to get on with my paintings, but the tartans inspired me and I thought I’d do a few  paintings to take to the fair.

I wanted my paintings to be abstract, but based on the colours and patterns in the tartans.

I looked at the Gillies Dress Green tartan with its very bold greens, yellows and orange.

And did this canvas below.

The Dress Stewart is one of my favourite tartans.

I painted it, to look like a stained glass window.

The  Dunlop tartan has blue, black, white and red.

I made my painting much lighter than the actual tartan. I wanted the effect of the fabric of a kilt flowing outwards.

Everyone recognises the Royal Stewart, so I thought I should include it.

I went off for lunch on the Saturday and left Jeff to man the stall. He was visited by another stall holder who said he could see the Green Gillies was a self portrait. Jeff just agreed with him, but this chap was so insistent that Jeff said he had been drinking a lot of beer that day. This other lady had been standing over at the side and eventually when the man left this lady came and bought my painting! She saw  my signature JacQ and asked if Jeff was French. He told her he was Scottish, but didn’t want to start explaining that I was really the artist as the other chap was still within hearing distance. So, out there is someone with my painting, signed on the back, Jacqueline Queen, who thinks that is Jeff!

Oh, well, he did sell one for me. He was always very good at selling my paintings at Glenshee Pottery.




3 responses

6 12 2009
wilma xxx

Love the Royal Stewart one Jackie, although all are very effective. Went to an arts exhibition this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also got some interesting feedback on some of mine and a few options for the future. All very exciting, as is life today.

6 12 2009

Thanks Wilma. I’d love to see some of your paintings. Can you get photographs and I’d put them on a Blog? I’d thought of doing different artists.
Keep looking forward. Love Jackie XX

9 12 2009

I liked very much those “stained glass window” and “Royal Stewart”. It is always interesting to see art and admire how skillful people are.

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