A Snowy New Year from Lunenburg

2 01 2010

We had a fall of snow here in Lunenburg before Christmas and then it rained, so that we had just a slightly snowy Christmas.  We looked on while most of Northern Europe was being hit by severe snowfalls, and wished for enough snow to go skiing.

Yesterday, 1st January 2010, the snow started gently in the afternoon and by 5 pm Jeff and I decided to walk to Louise and Cameron’s for dinner, rather than drive. It snowed all evening and we had a tiring walk home through deep snow.

This morning, we woke to the best (or worst) snow we’ve had since last winter. We decided to walk into Lunenburg and take some photos.

It was an interesting walk over Hospital Hill  where we looked out over the harbour.

The old buildings in the town looked good with their coverings of snow.

and icicles.

Many houses  still had their Christmas door decorations.

And this shop display looked very pretty.

The  snowplough was trying to keep the streets clear, but the snow fell quickly.

When we moved here to Lunenburg, this orange building ( a great tratoria) was one of the brightest in the town. Over this past year the buildings on either side have been renovated and painted in very contrasting colours.

There has been a lot of discussion in the town regarding these colours. People seem to either love them or hate them. I wasn’t too sure about this green,

but quite liked this raspberry building.

They have attracted visitors and there are always tourists photographing them. One thing is certain, these historic  buildings have been preserved, rather than being allowed to fall into disrepair.

This building is also owned by the same owner and sits  on the corner across from the raspberry building. Its colours are more traditional and perhaps more acceptable to the majority.

Please leave your comments and let me know what you think of these buildings. Perhaps we can get a discussion going.

Jeff went off to the Hardware store while I was taking photos and the snow continued.

We walked home, back over the hill. This is the main road past our house – not our driveway!

We’d had an exciting walk and some exercise after all we’d eaten over Christmas.

Tonight the snow seems to be turning to rain. I hope all this snow hasn’t gone by morning!




One response

3 01 2010


I hope that new year has started good to You and Your family1

Lovely photos. Architecture seems to be a bit different than we have generally speaking here. Anyway nice houses.

Snow and cold. We have also very much snow this winter. I have been shovelling nearly every day. If it is not snowing, then it is cold. This Sunday morning the temperature was -23.5 Celsius.

I love also photos from those Christmas door decorations. Wow, they are great looking. My wife made again one to us. She is making them from wickerworks as every year.

I wish all the good to You and Your family there.

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