Interesting Weather Vanes

17 01 2010

In the UK, we were used to seeing the traditional weather ‘Cock’ on the top of a church spire.

But here in Lunenburg, there is a much more significant shape on the top of the spire of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Lunenburg became famous for boat building and cod fishing . Fishing schooners, fished on the Grand Banks and the largest cod brought in to Lunenburg was 211 pounds. So it is only fitting that one of the churches here in Lunenburg should have a weather ‘Cod’.

Today we walked at Indian Point and saw an assortment of weather vanes. Common birds, like the heron

and goose/swan?

Various forms of sailing schooners, from copper,

to painted,

to black,

to white.

This whale, like the cod is pretty unusual.

And I’m not sure what inspired this Flying Pig, but it looks fun.

The next photo is not a weather vane, but is on the roof of a house in Lunenburg. Does anyone know the inspiration? It’s not the Owl and the Pussy Cat, but is probably from some children’s story.

If we put a weather vane on our house, what should it be? Any ideas?




One response

19 01 2010

Wow. This I like very much. So lovely collection of weather vanes!!!

In my country many have some kind of weather vane telling how old their house is or how old their clan is. In my neighbourhood there is a horse, because they have own horse. The last one is full of humour, I like it.

My should be car, surprise? LOL.

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