Tall Ship Concordia Sinks Off Brazil

19 02 2010

We’ve just heard the upsetting news that the tall ship Concordia has gone down off the coast of Brazil. The good news is that all of the Class Afloat has been rescued.

Here is the latest news report.


The Class Afloat was set up in 1984 to give young people the opportunity to travel the world on a sailing ship whilst continuing their academic studies.

We watched it sail out of Lunenburg last September and the town was abuzz with parents seeing their children off on this 9 month long trip.

Here is one of the students thoughts, written in the ship’s log this month .
Reflection – Sam G.

15 months, 18 different countries, 20 ports of call, over 40 cities, 1 ocean, 6 seas, 31 350 nautical miles later, 109 influential people. This combination has been my Class Afloat experience. All of these adventures, experiences and people add up and contribute to molding who I have become. As much as I would love to, I do not know how to explain nor share this past year and a half with you. This experience has been rich with the best and worst times of my life, a rollercoaster of emotions, and indescribable events. I hate that when we try to help you understand it sounds cliché. I hate that we can’t share the joy it brings to be a part of this crew. I hate that we can’t share the peace we experience when sitting on deck watching the mast against the starts. I’m happy you will never have to endure the green plague of seasickness, but sad that you cannot experience the victory of overcoming and defeating it. I wish we could share the cultures we experience and the relationships we form. I wish that we could share the simple pleasures that life at sea can bring. I wish that we could lift the burdens of society and ease the stresses of money. There is a peace of mind you accomplish when you are not being judged by superficial appearances or pressured by others. These things allow you to reflect, learn about yourself, and explore your role as a global citizen. Class Afloat has been more than traveling, more than community, and more than self-discovery- it has become a choice of lifestyle.

I had links here to the Class Afloat web site, but that seems to be disabled at the moment. The gallery on it had some amazing photos.


Instead you can see a video of life on the Concordia at


This loss of this ship will be felt here in Lunenburg and we wonder if it will ever be replaced.




2 responses

22 02 2010

So sad news!!!

I feel sorry for this what happened. It is very important that Young people are learning seamanship. This sailing ship seems to be very nice looking and it is a great pity that it shank.

I am a landlubber. When I was young (16 years) old I went to Copenhagen from Helsinki in a small boat and a storm, but I was not seasick. Then later many times to Stockholm and to Tallinn.

Last summer we had Tall ship race in Finland in Turku. It was there for the first time when I saw so many sailing ships in harbour. I have two post about tall ships and later there will be one telling about one tall ship and my father.

29 10 2010

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