Portrait Class

22 02 2010

My friend Gareth persuaded a few of us to join a portrait class at the Marc centre. There is no tuition, but then so many of the class are really good, that we should learn something from watching them.

Last Tuesday, Gareth took along her friend, Vivian as the model for the day.

We decided to stick with our pencil and try to get our drawings looking a bit more like the person, before we attempt paint, crayons or pastels.

Here is Gareth with her drawing.

And my effort —- perhaps the roll collar is too tight, and the nose too long?

Janet can work wonders with pastel crayons.

And we thought Ruth’s water colour  was fantastic. How did she get that effect on the hair and the sweater is amazing!

Leslie too, had a great painting.

And these —–

Here is Vivian beside the morning’s work.

I have a long way to go before I’ll achieve anything like some of these portraits, but it is a fun morning and very helpful to see ‘artists’ at work.




4 responses

26 02 2010

Wow. I love that people do things and are not staying their hands crossed. I admire these people (Your friends) because they seem to be artists, really.

Happy weekend.

17 03 2010

That looks like great fun, they are all very good in there own way, each person with their own take. Just been to an art exhibition and from what I seen there these look very professional!

17 03 2010

You would love this class, Wilma. Every week is a different model and we see people trying out different techniques. Some of the work is really, really good. I am just pleased if I get the proportions right.

12 05 2010

I know you will get there .

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