Curling in Canada and the Olympics

26 02 2010

It’s a bit odd that we come from Scotland, but never tried curling until we came to Canada.  Although Scotland is the ‘home ‘ of curling, there are not the massive number of curling rinks available, as there are here in Canada. Every small town has its curling club and here in Lunenburg, a town of  2,500 people, we have a very nice 4 sheet shed.

I stole this photo from Louise’s Blog.

When we lived in Glenshee, there was a tiny outdoor curling pond that had been used when winters were cold enough, but we never saw anyone playing there. I think it must be great fun to play outside, like this group in Toronto in 1914.

I found this interesting Blog from Skip Cottage Curling club in Scotland.

We have been watching the curling at the Olympics and were really looking forward to a Canada/ Scotland final. But David Murdoch’s team were beaten  by Sweden  in a tie breaker.

Canada went on to beat Sweden last night and so now face Norway in the final tomorrow.

I’m sorry, I’ve totally been talking about mens curling when the Canadian women play in the final this afternoon, against Sweden!

Like Kevin Martin’s team, Cheryl Bernard’s is amazing.

Good Luck to both teams, it would be a great double.




3 responses

1 03 2010

Nice post, because it is so actual. I really did not know that Scotland is the ‘home ‘ of curling. Curling is a sport which requires sharp eye, tactics and ability. Also these are needed for an indivulal player and for the whole team.

I congratulate Canada how good it was in these Olympc Games. 26 medals is much. To us these games are a national shame. We failed nearly in all. Our feelings here are down and people are asking how this is possible,

Life is still continuing after the Winter Olympic Games 2010.

1 03 2010

I have thoroughly enjoyed these Olympics, especially the curling. The first written record of curling in Scotland goes back to 1541, but there was a curling stone found with 1511 stamped on it. Then curling was brought to Canada with the first immigrants from Scotland and Europe. It was such a pity that the ladies missed the gold and took silver. Finland has nothing to be ashamed of, everything goes in cycles. There will be young sportsmen and women come on and they will have a good Olympics again. A bronze in both hockey matches was good – no?

1 03 2010

You are so right when saying that: “bronze in both hockey matches was good “. Due to time difference we started to watch Oplympic Games at 07:30 pm until 11:00 pm. Once we saw also early in the morning ice hockey. So two weeks passed liked flying.

What was interesting, was that, two radio reportes made every evening 15-20 minutes report around Vancouver, including persons, history, travel, culture and much, much more.

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