Old Buildings of Nova Scotia – Windmills

6 03 2010

We don’t have many ancient buildings here in Nova Scotia. No castles or palaces, and most of the oldest buildings date back to the 1800’s. (Actually, the oldest Church in Halifax was built in 1750.)

So, when we’re out and about, I like to take photos of some of the oldest buildings I see.  We pass this old windmill frequently, on our way to Green Bay and Broad cove.

These photos were taken just a few weeks ago, as I couldn’t find the ones I took last year.

I can’t find any information about this old windmill. It is no longer in operation and I wonder if it was used to pump water to a tank.

Perhaps someone reading this knows the answer.

I have just found my old photos saved on Photobox, so I will add those to show the windmill minus the snow.

These views were taken from the opposite side. 

Up close you can see how the building is needing some repairs.




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8 03 2010

Oh, You do not know how much I love these old traditional windmills.

They reflect to us from the life of our anchesters. I checked with big interest the architecture of Canadian windmills and I found only one very similar You showed here. That is the windmill of Elimäki in winter landscape also.

I hope to see some more windmills in Canada.

8 03 2010

You are so right – my windmill is very like the one from Elimaki – perhaps someone from Finland built it ? I somehow missed your great Blog about the windmills, perhaps I only found you a month later or so. I will take photographs if I see any other windmills, but here in Nova Scotia they are very rare.

16 06 2010
lester robinson

this old windmill is now owned by the hamachi group and will be moved shortly
to beaver river windfarm. here it will be lovingly restored and used as a information center for hamachi’s windfarm and eco center.will keep you posted.
les robinson

16 06 2010

Thanks for the information. Where is Beaver river, I can’t find out anything about it?

18 06 2010
18 06 2010

Thanks for that Flora, there are so many Beaver Rivers, I thought the windmill was heading to Ontario or even Alberta!

5 07 2010
les robinson

we are running behind. the plan is to move this from italy cross to beaver river nova scotia, and restore it and put it back to work at a modern windfarm.the lower window areas will allow visitors to see the hamachi wind ranch and farm to see the modern controls and the old wooden gears working together.we will be moving it shortly and keep everyone posted. may even have open house that weekend. thanks greenpeace lester. hamachi wind ranch and farm..

6 07 2010

Thanks for the update. Sounds as if the old windmill is going to be put to good use.

22 07 2010
les robinson

the blades and rotating top gear plus the drive shafts were removed this monday and tuesday. the entire machine should be down and moved to beaver river by next mid week.will keep you informed and post photos shortly.
thanks lester robinson

23 07 2010

Hi Lester, If you have any photos of the removal or rebuilding then I could make an update to my Blog. So, next time I go down the road to Petite Riviere there will be a big space? I hope I can come along and see the windmill in its new location. Jackie

2 09 2010

My dad built that windmill. It’s original purpose was to generate electricity. 🙂 When it was in good shape, the sails could move at incredible speed.

8 09 2010

Thanks for that. It was a nice old windmill, but is looking a bit sad just now without its sails.

18 09 2010
Andy Hustoft

Good Morning

I had just received an email this morning with a ‘Dutch Scene’ in it & it reminded me of the old windmill…….I used to drive my bike (Motorcycle) bewteen Halifax & Lockport occassionally & whenever I did I always made it a point to go off the highway to look at the Windmill, which I happened to pass by years prior while going trout fishing.

I have always felt a passion for the Dutch & whether or not this ever had any relation to the people of Holland or not…….it sure did to me & I loved it.

I will be checking the website out to find exactly where this is now located & will for sure be down to check it out & although see / saw it very rarely it has always been an “emotion-point” for me

Thanks for sharing & caring enough to restore my old friend 🙂

14 10 2010
les robinson

the windmill has been relocated to beaver river and is presently being restored
the gentleman that said his dad built this might want to get hold of me so he can see what we have done. it will be operational by spring.. thanks lester

14 10 2010
Jackie Queen

Good Luck with the restoration. Will there be a Grand Opening in the
Spring? I’d love to come and see it working again.

19 01 2011
lester robinson

email me so i can send you the photos of moving and rebuilding the
old windmill.thanks lester robinson

2 05 2011
Allen MacMillan

I am an avid photographer and have photographed this windmill in its old location a couple of times. I would very much be interested in coming down and getting some pictures of it in the new location. Is this a posibility?

7 05 2011

Hi, I too just photographed it and wrote a blog about it. Then I was told about it moving and got those photos. It is now at Beaver River and I’m sure you’d be welcome to see it in its new home.

3 07 2011
Allen MacMillan

Not sure who all is following this awesome old building, but I believe I found it today. If you stay on the main highway you can’t miss it, it probably a hair closer to the road now than it was in it original location, and stands right out.It is indeed being restored and starting to look like new. Seems the windows are all replaced and the siding has been redone but looks to be in original style. Can’t wait to see the sails back up on it, its awesome.
About 5 minutes down the road there is another (if your heading toward Yarmouth from Digby) you will see it on the right, and its easy to get to. The people there are very welcoming to photographers.

9 07 2011

That’s funny you spotting this windmill! I was across at Digby last week-end and also went down the Yarmouth Road in the fog to find it. I will add my photos to my Blog. Thanks for visiting my post.

26 07 2011

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