More Lunenburg Houses

10 05 2010

As you saw in the last part, many houses have very fancy brackets below the eaves or windows. These ones are like large sea shells.

These are more floral.


The Zwicker house, built about 1830, was originally designed in the Georgian style, with a hipped roof, 5 bay fenestration, a small dormer in the roof, and a large bracketed canopy over the door.  Before 1879, the building was Victorianized, and the 6 over 6 windows were replaced with 2 over 2 windows,  and the dormer was extended and joined with a projecting central front piece that is still visible today.

Today this building is an Inn and Restaurant.

A close-up of the decorative brackets at the windows.

This house dates from around 1848. It has a large Gothic dormer with a double round-headed dormer window. A central classically trimmed doorway has  two 6 over 6 windows on either side.

Built around 1804, the Lennox Tavern was another Georgian design. There are no elaborate roofs, or decorative trims here.

This house was built by Benjamin Knock about 1890. It is hip roofed and has double projecting bay windows at the front. The sloping roofs between the upper and lower bays are covered in decorative diamond patterned shingles.

Next door to the above house is this building which was used as a cobblers shop, until the 1940’s.

And is still retained as a small museum.




3 responses

17 05 2010

So lovely photos.

I enjoyed seeing details from those elegant wooden houses. The photo from “House-Lennox” was interesting, because it seems so typical here. That building style we had in some towns were wooden architecture was general in 19th century. Also the color is very similar. Many of these houses were painted by red ochre paint, which still in use, not so generally, but on some tradition house.

Great post again!

9 12 2010
Mrs. Sherry (Geldert) Wever

Came across your website after being pleasantly surprised to see my Nana Berringer’s House for sale on a Lunenberg real estate site that popped up on me. At the time was browsing to find out the driving distance from Halifax to Lunenburg as we have our youngest son coming in a few weeks to do an important “meet the parent’s” trip. Knew there was family history there but sure didn’t expect to have the opportunity to view a slideshow of a beautifully restored family home that I visited at the age of 4 & travelling from Southern Alberta. We still live here and hope to visit Lunenburg possibly for our 35 wedding anniversary next year. In the meantime, thanks for a nice glimpse of some other beautiful homes and display of great craftsmanship. Sincerely, Sherry (Geldert) Wever, grandaughter of the late Myrtle Berringer.

10 12 2010

Thank you for visiting my Blog and your comments. Do you mean that you still live in Alberta, or Halifax? Either way, I think you should buy your grandparent’s house. It is a lovely house and Lunenburg is a great place to live. Hope you can visit in 2011.

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