The Shipping News from Lunenburg

21 06 2010

Lunenburg harbour is a working harbour, has a flourishing boat building and fishing industry, is the site of the Lunenburg Fisheries Museum, home of the Bluenose 2 and has a constant stream of visiting yachts and cruise ships throughout the summer.

This week we spotted the ‘Scott Free’ berthed right on the waterfront. This luxury motor yacht has accommodation for 8 guests  and can be chartered for $60,000 for one week. I am just off to check my Lottery ticket to see if I will be celebrating aboard it or any other luxury yacht.

You can check this yacht out at


The reflections were as lovely as the boat.

I also spotted this rather nice yacht moving out of the harbour.

It was the Infinity, registered in  Bethlehem, Connecticut.

The Eastern Star was ready for its daily sailings. We went on it last September and I did a Blog about our trip.

And the Eastern Points was all set for its Whale Watching trips.

At the Fisheries Museum, the trawler ‘Cape Sable’,  is berthed for visitors to look around.

As well as the last of the saltbank schooners, the Theresa E Connor.

At the Government Wharf, the Chockle Cap was preparing for a trip. The Chockle Cap drags for scallops and is one of the last wooden hulled ships here on the east Coast.

Ice was just being delivered

and was moving up a conveyor belt.

The harbour at Lunenburg is always a hive of activity, but hopefully doesn’t have the dodgy characters portrayed in Annie Proulx’s, ‘The Shipping News’.




3 responses

21 06 2010

great photo`s. Hope you get a big win ,and get you`r trip.

2 07 2010

To me Your maritime photos are so lovely. I am living on country side where water is far away and when seeing so beautiful water and boat photos, they warm my heart very much.

2 07 2010

I know what you mean. In Scotland we were never far from the sea and so the sea is important to us. But we don’t have the mountains and they are very special in our lives too. You do have the huge lakes, which are like oceans for you.

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