Anne of Green Gables

25 07 2010

Last week we visited Prince Edward Island with our friends Sandra and Bob from Scotland.

We did a tour of the Anne of Green Gables Museum at Cavendish. Anne of Green Gables  is a bestselling novel by the Canadian author, Lucy Maud Montgomery. The story tells the tale of a couple who wanted to adopt a boy, but were mistakenly sent an orphan girl. Despite their apprehensions they decide to keep her.

This is the house that the Green Gables stories were based on.

The house has farm buildings with all the usual old farm machinery- including a thresher.

And a nice old barrow.

Sandra and Helen enjoyed milking the Jersey cow.  This was no problem to them; after all they are ‘Anne of Green Gables’ girls from a farm in Scotland.

Inside the house there was a pantry.

With some Keiller’s marmalade!

A sewing room.

And the usual bedrooms.

The gardens were beautiful and filled with lovely flowers, like these blue Delphiniums.

Then there were walks down ‘Lovers Lane’ and the ‘Haunted Wood’.

I was sorry that this little bird wouldn’t stay longer for me to get a better picture. It is an American Redstart – a warbler and unrelated to the European Redstart. The female is yellow where the male is orange.

It was an interesting museum, but for us it was not too far removed from what we remembered from our youth. We must just be too old for museums in Canada!




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26 07 2010

I agree with Your opinion: “interesting museum”. To me to see Bed room and Sewing room had great interest. That is why I could compare them with those I have seen here. I tried to solve the model of sewing machine, but I could not. We had here in those days a very popular model called “Singer”.

The museum itself has very “personal” color.

It was a great pleasure to visit this museum thru Your photos. Thank You.

26 07 2010

Thank you. The sewing machine does look very like the old ‘Singer’ machines I remember from my childhood. I really prefer to see nature, but it was an interesting visit.

20 09 2014
J. Skurat

I am reading the book Ann of Green Gables and it is nice to have your pictures so I can visualize what the house looks like in my mind. I love looking at pictures and watching youtube videos of holiday destinations while I read a book. It makes my armchair travel experience so vivid. What a wonderful world we live in. Thank you so very much

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