Kayaking around Stonehurst

3 08 2010

It’s kayaking season here again and we have had a couple of short trips out from Back Harbour and Stonehurst.

Last week we paddled around Heckman’s Island – that is a first for us.

The great thing about kayaking is that you see buildings and places that you would never see from the land – like these docks, houses and boat sheds.



These look like 3 little holiday cabins.


Stonehurst has lots of natural, safe harbours.

This is a dock that we have walked to. It is a lovely spot, well away from the road and right on the edge of Tanner’s Pass.

I like this guest house, built on the rocks.

These barnacles look so clean!

There were seals out at the Rackets – where we saw them last year.

There are just so many herons around. Every cove has several, fishing.

We spotted this bald eagle.

I have marked out our route on Google Maps and it is almost 20kms.





4 responses

6 08 2010

Oh, how lovely. I really enjoyd to see land from sea side. You are lucky when You can make paddling tours there. I enjoyd all the photos, but the photo called “Around Blue-g” is most of all to my mind.

Thank You showing these photos and taking us with You tour thru Your photos.

6 08 2010

I am so glad that you enjoyed the trip around these bays. This area of Nova Scotia is amazing for kayaking with all the coves and the waters are so sheltered. It is such a stress free pastime.

27 08 2010
John S. Gray

You were in Jack Gray’s neighborhood there. His ashes were scattered near the Tanner’s Pass Buoy,

27 08 2010

What a great spot for his ashes! Tell me more – are you Jack Gray’s son – are you the composer? I know Joseph Purcell from Stonehurst, but hadn’t heard of Jack. Thanks for teaching me about another renowned artist.

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