Summer Gardens

18 08 2010

Every year I am amazed by the colours in the local gardens. During the winter the gardens are covered in ice and snow and I never believe that anything will grow there again.

I was a bit slow to take my camera out, so the flowers are not shown at their best.


This garden below is lovingly maintained by an elderly couple.

They also fill lots of pots with begonias and dahlias.

The towns around Chester have these beautiful hanging baskets on every electric pole.

And even small decks are decorated.

This garden always reminds me of Monet’s garden at Giverny, perhaps because the owner is an artist.


I tried to get a photo of this bee.

But, on closer inspection wonder if it’s a moth. Help please!

These aster/dahlia like flowers have posed a problem for us since we moved here. No one seemed to know their name, but last week I read Flora’s Blog

and she had photos of the same flower.

She sent me a link to another Blog about these.

I think the name Outhouse Flower is very appropriate as you can see here how they cover our garage.

Their Latin name is Rudbeckia laciniata hortensia.

I found this information about them.

Lovingly known as the Outhouse Plant, this old heirloom selection of Coneflower is still seen in gardens today. Plants form a tall clump of bright-green leaves, bursting into colour in summer, when loads of fluffy double chrome-yellow daisies appear. Since the habit can be floppy, plan to pinch the growth in June to promote bushiness and reduce the height, or stake to prevent wind damage. A vigorous spreader, this will need to be reduced in size each spring by removing unwanted shoots as they come up. Moist soil will help to prevent powdery mildew. Excellent for cutting.

So – I need to pinch out the growth in June to reduce the height. My plants are so tall now that any wind is blowing them over.




4 responses

20 08 2010

Lovely photos from gorgeus flowers.

I do love this kind of post in which You are handling all the photos in a team. When seeing many photos at same time, one is feast. Most of all I love the photo “AM.600jpg”. Especially I like in this photo its colors but also the angle. That’s great.

30 06 2011
nan forester

Hello from B.C. I am a Heirloom plant hunter. I have Rudbeckia Goldenglow on my list. I have a collection of very rare old charmers. If you would be interested in a little snipet trade I could reply with a tempting list.

Nan Forester
Sayward, B.C.

9 07 2011

Thanks for commenting on my post. I am not much of a gardener, I just try to look after the plants left here by the previous owner, So I don’t think I’d be able to use your knowledge. The Rudbeckia Goldenglow does look lovely.

17 07 2016
Ingrid Sabatier

This is the first time I knew the name of this Rudebeckia Golden Glow Just called my tall yellow flower My Mom had it when cricket 35@hotmail.comI was a kid (79 ) years ago and I still have them But now they have after all these years. A name!! We had them in Northern Ontario and brought some with me to Alberta

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