More shipping News from Lunenburg

24 08 2010

Yesterday, we were enjoying lunch on our deck when this large vessel came into view, entering the waters of Lunenburg Harbour.  It was obviously a new ship to town, so we went out later to have a look.  It was not berthed in the harbour but at the private wharf of Clearwater.

Other locals were curious too, but we could see no name on the ship.

We eventually found out it was called the Meteor.

So I went home to do some Googling.

I found this  video, that shows the captain, Dean Maggio, describing this classic yacht.

And this article from the Super Yacht Times takes you on board.

It seems that this schooner is owned jointly by John Risley, owner of Clearwater, and Dan Meyers. This explained it being berthed in their wharf, alongside Tenacity, a scallop boat.

The Yacht is Flagged in the British Virgin Islands, but it was also flying the flag of Nova Scotia, with the rampant lion in the centre.

You can see this yacht in action at the St. Barth’s Bucket Regatta.  Seemingly it is now for sale – if you have a spare 32Million Euros.




6 responses

27 08 2010

So nice vessel. You were lucky when You saw it. Great photos which I enjoyd with full heart.

I feel so sorry that I have not at this moment 32 million Euros in my wallet. 🙂

27 08 2010

Thank you. It’s moved on from Lunenburg now. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sail in her!

28 08 2010
June Oxner

We saw Meteor in Chester, and it is indeed fabulous. Where did you find the info re:ownership?

31 08 2010

The Meteor is really something, isn’t it! I just searched online and got these articles and more.

Thanks for replying to my Blog.

12 09 2010
William Steer

A good friend of mine used to crew on Meteor. Meteor is mainly based in Newport and Boston, where her owner lives. He happens to be an American businessman. Great photos but perhaps you should remove the part about ownership..

13 09 2010

This link shows one of the joint owners, ‘John Risley’ at the helm of Meteor.

So are you saying that Dan Meyers is now the sole owner of this schooner?

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