Hurricane Earl

8 09 2010

We followed Hurricane Earl on its way up the East Coast of America and prepared in case it should hit Nova Scotia.

After a week of temperatures in the 30’s we headed to Hirtle’s beach on Friday to see if the storm was making its presence known. Lots of people had come out to enjoy the surf and the air was cooler at the coast.

I was happy that the storm did not hit us until Saturday morning. The weather stations tracked it as it made landfall at Lunenburg. The winds bent the trees and the rain battered every window. We lost our power about 11am, along with 200,000 customers around the Maritimes. As the storm subsided and the sky lightened, I took this photo from the house.

The sea was rough, but nothing like the surf we had last year after Tropical Storm Bill.

Then, there were huge waves.

You can compare Earl with Bill –

We had a few dead pine trees that we intended to cut down soon, but Earl did that for us.

Unfortunately, they were right across our driveway.

Sunday, was spent clearing up and then we headed to Green Bay for a walk.

This barn did not manage to stand up to the storm, but then it only needed a last push as the roof had fallen in some time ago.

The only signs of the storm at the beach were the rafts of kelp, ripped up and dumped on the sand.

The lobsters hadn’t fared too well. There were lots of parts tangled in the weed.

But the cormorants were enjoying the day and as the weather man had said -‘What Hurricane?’

For more news of the storm around the Province go to




2 responses

16 09 2010

Nowadays I am afraid od storms after that we had here. All are cool photos, but the third from the top was awesome photo. Thank You.

16 09 2010

I agree, we seem to get more worried about storms as we grow older and realise the power of nature. The weather is something we cannot change. As we see a hurricane coming up the coast of America, I wish we could divert it.

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