The Fryderyk Chopin – Tall Ship in Distress

29 10 2010

In February, I wrote about the sinking of the Concordia, the tall ship used by the Class Afloat, which was based here in Lunenburg.

Since then, the Class Afloat have chartered the Sail Training Ship, Sorlandet, of Norway, and are at this moment heading for Barcelona.

Today I was shocked to hear of the distress of another tall ship, the Fryderik Chopin.

The BBC news report said that she was drifting at sea, about 100 miles south west of the Isles of Scilly, after losing her masts in gale force winds. On board was a crew of 47; 36 of these being 14 year olds.

Although the vessel had an engine, the skipper was reluctant to use it in case debris and rigging from the masts got caught in the propeller.

A container ship, the MSC Narissa, responded to coastguard calls for assistance and acted as a windbreak to shelter the ship from the weather.

A bulk carrier, a lifeboat from the Isles of Scilly and a large fishing vessel also responded to an appeal for assistance.

The Newlyn fishing vessel, Nova Spirro, attached a line to the vessel and began towing it to Plymouth early on Friday evening.  The trip was expected to take about three days but was dependent on the weather.

There have been no reported injuries and the captain has confirmed that all are well.

The thing that drew my attention to this story was the fact that I watched last year as the Fryderyk Chopin sailed into Lunenburg with its crew. Then, it was – like the Concordia – the second ship for the Class Afloat Programme.

That it too, nearly came to the same end as the Concordia, in the same year, is scary and shows the power of the sea under difficult weather conditions.

Like the story of the Concordia, the main thing is that everyone is safe.

I found this  Blog written by Morgan Brown, during his year on the Fryderyk Chopin. It has some great photos and I noticed that the vessel was in Leith Port last June. There are some photos of trips to Edinburgh and St Andrews.





3 responses

5 11 2010

OMG, how sad.

I love these tall ships because they represent to me the world which i maybe is slowly vanishing. Time when men were iron and ships were wood.

Chopin visited in Turku in 2009, the same city where Allure of the Seas, was made.

Here is one photo from Chopin:


5 11 2010

Thank you. So you can see what the ship lost, with both masts gone. It is good that the Fryderych Chopin was towed safely to Falmouth. I see you also photographed the Sorlandet. I wondered which ship had the lovely woman in blue and have found out it is the Christian Radich. Beautiful photos.

18 11 2010


Although cruise ships are not Tall ships, but they are Huge ships, so did You check my photos from world’s biggest cruise: Allure of the Seas.

You may remove this after reading.

I wish to You a very happy Thursday.

BTW, I am listening this radio station when by my laptop.

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