Lobster Fishing Season at Lunenburg

30 11 2010

Before the lobster season, the lobster traps are stacked on wharfs, in sheds or beside houses,

ready for the next lobster harvest.

Yesterday was the first day of the lobster fishing season here at Lunenburg. The lobster men were off at sunrise, out to claim the best spots for their traps and the wharfs were cleared of lobster pots.

Today, the boats were back out for their  first pull.



These duck seemed unconcerned, although I think it is still water fowl season season. Perhaps they know that the lobster men have gone out for the day.

This is one of the little fish stores that sit out on the rocks at Blue Rocks.

I love this set of Avery scales. I don’t know if it’s used much now, though.

When the lobsters are landed, they go off to various shops, restaurants and processing plants.

I think we’ll be having fresh lobster soon.

You can learn all about lobster fishing from this You Tube video.





4 responses

1 12 2010

OMG, how interesting. To me lobsters are unknown are in our life. I have never eaten one. Here we have European crayfishes, but never tasted it, too. Their prices are in “heaven” and the period to get them is very short.

Back to lobsters. The last photo is impressive! Again, never seen it in the nature. The first photo from a lobster traps is so interesting, that when seeing these traps, I think that they are from another planet.

I love also photos from those small fishing boats. Avery scale? Of course I know the scale, but Avery scale, what it is?

Photo from two ducks was very “cheery”.

If You do not mind I give here a link concerning “red king crabs”. They are nowadays found in Norway and spread from Russia. They are very famous among the people who like to catch them and there are “king crab tourist excursions”. Maybe it is interesting to You.


If everything goes as we planned, then next summer we visit on these areas where they are found when we travel to the most Northern area of Finland by car.

Thank You for this interesting post.

1 12 2010

Thank you for all your comments. Have you seen the really good Discovery TV Series – Deadliest Catch – about fishing for King Crabs in Alaska? We saw it in the UK and also here in Canada. It is about the different boats and crews fishing in extreme weather conditions. It is excellent. http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/deadliest-catch/
The price of lobster in Scotland was way beyond our means and so we rarely ate it. Here, prices have dropped to $5 / $6 a pound! They are fabulous!
The scales must have been to weigh boxes of fish or lobsters as they were unloaded. These are the modern lobster traps, but the old ones were wooden and very lovely to look at, but more fragile than the wire ones.
Thank you again for your interest.

1 12 2010

Fantastic (or awesome, if we want to be more Canadian about it) photos! Really looking forward to some lobster with melted butter soon.

2 12 2010

Thanks, Louise, I really should have been up early on Monday to see them all setting off. Lobster is another plus for Nova Scotia.

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