Ironworks Distillery, Lunenburg

9 12 2010

This is an interesting old building in Lunenburg.

A marine blacksmith’s shop since 1893, it produced ironworks for shipbuilders all along the South Shore. The Walters  family made anchors and chains, and anything that could be hammered into shape on the anvil. They also produced hardware for the Bluenose 1 and 2 schooners as well as the HMS Bounty for the Hollywood film.

After lying empty for a few years, this building has been given a new lease of life.

Yesterday, as I walked through the door I was hit by the most amazing smell – hot gingerbread….caramel….baking Christmas cake….hints of the Caribbean….

For Lynne MacKay and Pierre Guevremont have started a small distillery in our town, which they have aptly named, Ironworks.

The old forge lies empty, but is a reminder of the buildings past history.

In the opposite corner stands a very proud, German still.

It was producing a batch of rum, which explained the aromas.

The process will be explained at the end of this Blog.

Information cards explained how each spirit was produced.

And here is the end product.

This Pear spirit looks exciting.

When hurricane Earl approached Nova Scotia in September, Lynne and Pierre decided to harvest the bottles.

Some of the pears were  small compared to the others on the same tree,  but many were exactly the correct size for the width of the bottles. Forty two of eighty pears, were excellent – a good first time success rate.

The pear mash was fermented for 4-6 weeks, then double distilled to produce a clear and aromatic Eau-de-vie. The  bottles with the pears, were then filled with the Eau-de Vie.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is quite a unique looking bottle of spirit.

You can see here how Ironworks distillery looks out over the working harbour at Lunenburg.

The ruby red Cranberry liqueur on the right is made from cranberries farmed at Heckman’s Island, just along the road.  I meant to write a post about the Cranberry Farm after their open day, but never did. That is one for next year.

The bottles on the left are Vodka.

This vodka is made from another local product, apples from the Annapolis Valley.

For a really special gift, you can buy one, two or three bottles in a wooden box, stamped with the Ironworks logo.

To see more about Ironworks and have the process explained watch this video.

I wish Lynne and Pierre, ‘All the Best’, in their new venture, but judging from the response so far, I’m sure it’s going to be a great success.




2 responses

10 12 2010

Very interesting, not only the great photos, but the story behind them. I do love this kind of blogs – photo stories. They give much more about the country in which the author is living. Thank You presenting this!

This post has two interests to me:

1. Last summer I visited in a Brewery of one our bear brand – Olvi. When visiting there, now I got better opinion about this distillery.

2. Here where I live, there is huge alcohol fabrics which main product among others is Vodka, I do not know, if Finlandia Vodka is sold there, but if You see, then You know that it comes only two kilometers from my home.

I wish to You a very happy weekend.

10 12 2010

I am glad you enjoyed this post. I do not drink much alcohol, other than wine, but I will look when I am in the Liquor store and see if they have Finlandia Vodka. Then it will remind me of all the places you have introduced me to, through your Blog. Have a great week-end. Jackie

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