Making Christmas Wreaths

21 12 2010

Last week I joined the group from the Lunenburg Garden Club, to learn how to make a wreath for the door.

Svenja Dee arrived laden with everything one would need to make an exciting wreath.

Ribbons of reds and pinks …

greens, blues, yellows and golds.

Large rolls of net.

Walnuts, almonds, chestnuts ……


and dried orange and apple slices.


And so we arranged ourselves around the table, each with a wire ring, a roll of binding wire and a great choice of greenery in the centre.


The art seems to be in making small bunches and tying them onto the wire ring in a clockwise direction, so that the new bunch covers the stems of the previous one.

It was nice to add a bit of holly for variety.

I seemed to be the last person to finish  this project, but think that I’ll be better next year.

Everyone had their own unique wreath to take home at the end of the evening.

This one had lovely green balls and ribbons.

And these two wreaths are very different from each other.


Susan chose a bright red and gold ribbon to match the coloured balls.

These shells make a very natural finish to this very attractive wreath.

I thought I’d have to go with the nearest to a tartan ribbon and chose the cinnamon and nuts to complement the colours.

I took a walk round Lunenburg and photographed some of the wreaths on the homes.


The doorway is decorated inside and out.


These wreaths are on all the windows and doors of the pub.


And this elaborate green ribboned wreath, is at the door of Cilantro, the kitchen shop, occupying the famous green painted building in town.

And these are above the doorway of the raspberry building.

This one has a very fancy ribbon.

And this doorway and stairway have wreaths.

I finish with a photo of this large wreath in the window of Ironworks – featured in my last Blog.

And wish everyone a ‘Very Happy Christmas.’




3 responses

22 12 2010

Lovely post just to my taste! Thank You for it.

Your photos are lovely filled with colors and I admire so many beautiful wreaths. I love the way You presented to make them. They look a little different about them what my wife had made for us. The photo p, is nearest to us, but it is much more beautiful. Well, wait a minute, the photo M is very close to what my wife made.

My wife is doing so, that we visit in our nearby forest together, collect twigs of firs, junipers, pines, cones and lichens. Then she makes the wreath and decorates it with ribbons and with tiny sleigh bells.

This Christmas she had extremely busy in her work that she made very simple wreath, but reminds us from Christmas.

Also I am very glad when reading Your lovely post that people are active people there also! In January my wife starts again German lessons and later in Spring beading courses. Courses are the perfect counterbalance to one’s busy life.

Happy Holidays.

22 12 2010

Thank you Matti, I knew that your wife would be busy making a wreath too. I think too, that the photo P is probably closest to your wreaths. Of course this skill came with the immigrants from Europe, so we have a little bit of everything.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

22 12 2010

Realy liked you`s Jackie. Not into fussy ones or too bright.

Hope you have a nice Xmas
Love Anne XX

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