Fun Night at Lunenburg Curling Club

10 02 2011

Friday night is Fun Night at Lunenburg Curling Club. It’s a night when anyone can come along to curl, whether they have played before or not. There is no pressure to win for a team and the losers even have a drink bought for them.

Here is Jeff, looking a bit serious, or just concentrating on his shot.

The games are under way and Roger is watching his stone intently.

It’s Bill’s turn to throw.

And Jeff gets started sweeping.

The red team  plan where they need to put the next rock.

It looks as if the red are lying 2 at this point.

Ron sets another stone on its way.

And his team sweep.

The broom marks the line the curler has to take.

And the blue already have 2 stones.

After the curling, there is a feast in the lounge, supplied by different sponsors each week. The week of these photos, was Nova Scotia Building Supplies. Other sponsors are the Lunenburg Fire Department, Adams and Knickle, Friends of Corkum’s Island and TD Bank.

I don’t curl, since I hurt my back, but it is still fun to watch the curling and enjoy the food and drink.

What a great way to spent a Friday night in the middle of winter in Lunenburg.




6 responses

12 02 2011

Oh, how nice. Thank You taking us with You! I really enjoyed Your photos and I could easily imagine being there. This was very interesting to me. I have never seen curling in live.

I love the first photo!!!

12 02 2011

Thanks, I’m sure you would understand enough of the game. It really is a lot of fun, but I have hurt my back and am now too afraid of falling on the ice. The first photo is of my husband. I didn’t want to embarrass others by going to close.

24 02 2011
Patrick Hirtle

Hi there,

I work for Covey Island Boatworks, one of the companies that is working on the restoration of the Bluenose II … we were hoping to get permission to use one of your photos of the Bluenose II from this blog on our website.

If you could email me as soon as possible, I’d love to hear from you.

Patrick ~

13 02 2011

Oh yes, the old Canadian past-time of going from cold winter weather into a cold indoor arena. Great blog – I like your spirit of exploration. Thanks for visiting mine – I am indeed a Canadian in Scotland. I am from the interior of B.C. and my Scottish love and I have talked about moving back but I don’t know if I would want to settle in B.C. again. I’ve never visited Nova Scotia but something tells me I would really like it. 🙂

13 02 2011

Thanks for your comments. Yes, the arena is freezing, but it’s bright, fun and with great company. We had planned to move to Alberta, as we’re mountain lovers, but have ended up here in Nova Scotia and realise that we need the sea. If you make it to Nova Scotia, come and visit us in Lunenburg.

15 02 2011

Thanks for visiting my blog. We were in the Nova Scotia area last summer on our way to Prince Edward Island. I love that area. It was interesting to see you are from the area of Scotland that my ancestors are from. I can’t wait to see that part of Scotland.

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