The Picton Castle Returns to Lunenburg

18 06 2011

It was March 2010, that I watched the Picton Castle sail out of Lunenburg Harbour on her 5th World trip.

She headed to Panama, Ecuador and on to Tahiti and the Cook Islands on the first leg.

Here is a video  I found on youtube of here arriving at the Cook Islands, where she is registered.

From August until November she sailed to Tonga, Fiji and Bali.

Leg 3 took her from Bali, to Cape Town.   She then sailed from South Africa to Bermuda and back to Lunenburg.

The captain’s log makes interesting reading of this voyage.

Today, the Picton Castle returned to her home port – but I was not in town to watch her sail back!

I walked to the harbour and took these photos.

Most of the crew had left the ship.

The rain wasn’t far away.

Lunenburg was pleased to see her safe return.

She proudly flies the Canadian flag, as well as that of the Cook Islands.

Wouldn’t it be something to travel the world in one of these ships?

This summer you can sail on her to Newfoundland, the most eastern piece of land in North America – as a crew member.

And discover for yourself what life is like aboard.

You will learn everything you need to know about sailing. The trip starts in July and takes 8 weeks. Anyone interested?




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