Lunenburg Fish

29 06 2011

One of the sights of Lunenburg is the metal sculptures attached to the electric poles along the streets of the town.

Like this shark.

Or these mussels.

It is very fitting that Lunenburg chose fish, having had a thriving fishing industry for over 200 years.

I particularly like this lobster.

The  Fish Project was commissioned by the Town of Lunenburg in 2002. The plan was to replace the flower baskets decorating the town utility poles with something low maintenance.

This idea developed and the the town now has a very enjoyable public art exhibition.

The tuna fish was a very important fish for Nova Scotia.

I have scanned these photos from  ‘A Pictorial History of the Aspotogan Peninsula’ to show the size and volume of tuna caught off these shores.

These photos were lent by Ned Norwood of Hubbard’s Heritage Society.

And were taken about 1947.

This great book of old photographs was published by Lighthouse publishing and is very enlightening of life in the past.

I think this is a monk fish, which we still love to buy here, when it’s available.

Boats went out off Cape Breton to fish for these swordfish. I met one man who was the cook, at 10 years old, on a fishing boat that went after the swordfish!

The other sculptures are Blue shark,

the deep water Redfish,

the famous cod,




and Herring

The 44 hand-painted aluminum sculptures were designed and painted by Laura Fisher




2 responses

17 07 2012
Laura Fisher Huck

Hey! great photos. I’d love to get copies. They’re better than the professional ones I had done…Laura Fisher

17 07 2012

Hi, Thanks for visiting my Blog. Where are you from? Did you really get professional photos of these metal fish?

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