Aspotogan Peninsula, Nova Scotia

9 08 2011

When we first moved to Canada, we rented a house on the Aspotogan Peninsula.

The Aspotogan Peninsula is the piece of land that separates Mahone Bay from St. Margaret’s Bay. The coast is dotted with fishing communities.

We particularly enjoy the rugged coastline here near Northwest Cove.

It is not too far from Peggy’s Cove and so the geology is the same. Large granitic boulders were deposited here after the Ice Age, leaving an area of rugged beauty.

We always have the coastline to ourselves –  this is our favourite picnic spot.

The first time we saw this building we were confused. Here was this massive Hotel complex in the middle of nowhere which had never been completed.

It seems that it was built as a Sea Spa in 1993.

The plan was ‘to have spa treatments focusing on seawater and a wide range of massage therapies, skin cleansing and spa-related health services, complemented by world-class hotel accommodations and cuisine.’

This is the link to the location on Google Maps,-64.013729&spn=0.004598,0.011362&t=h&z=17&lci=com.panoramio.all

‘131 guest suites would face the ocean, with large windows overlooking the wave-battered rocks, the tidal pools or the islands of Mahone Bay.

The plans  also included a spacious dining room and convention facilities in addition to the saunas, steam rooms, Swiss showers, Vichy treatment rooms, seawater pools, aerobic training rooms, rehabilitation facilities, squash and racquetball courts, and generously laid out common areas.’

The property is still for sale, so if anyone has any ideas for how this massive building can be utilised?

Lobster pots bob in the bay.

And lobster boats haul their creels.

It is a perfect spot, where even the road  had to be cut between the erratics.




13 responses

9 08 2011

Oh wow. I’ve got to go check this out. I moved here from Ontario in 2009 and live in Eastern Passage. I too, started a Blog to keep in touch with friends and family.

I’m not see much stuff about what you “hate” about Canada. I assume that’s a good sign …

9 08 2011

Exactly – I think I’ve written about the electric power cables that I hate and the state of the roads. Apart from that there are are only a few things that I miss, or are different. I think Nova Scotia is a very special place.

7 01 2015

OK this proves that I went there coz you told me about it with this post. lol

10 08 2011
Lenore Diane

Beautiful pictures! Clear skies, too.

12 08 2011

We love the Aspotogan. Our suggested use for the old spa is to create a centre for the arts – much like Banff – affiliated with the Nova Scotia College of Art and design (NSCAD)

12 08 2011

Now wouldn’t that be amazing. Do you have any contacts who could help push that idea? We have been to a concert and a mountain safety talk at the Banff Centre as well as Art and Photography Exhibitions. I love the Banff Centre with the mountains around it, but the spa would have the sea with the opportunity to sail, kayak….. Thanks for visiting my Blog and commenting.

18 08 2011

Lovely post. I like your pictures very much. I’m routing around Nova Scotia, with 9 more days to go. I think I like Lawrencetown as a possible venue for living in!

19 08 2011

We’ve only driven along the beach front at Lawrencetown once, so I don’t know the town at all. Are you trying to buy a place this trip, or just sort out an area?If you’re in Lunenburg on Wednesday or Friday 10.00 -2.00 I will be in the Gallery opposite the library. Have a great trip.

30 08 2011

Lovely post. The variety of photos was delightful. Many photos could be taken from Finland, because they are so similar. Excellent example is photos A7. Especially I love those photos with rocks and sea.

31 10 2011
Maggie L R

beautiful… I am enjoying checking out your blog.

22 01 2012

Jackie, I’m planning to go visit the Aspotogan Sea Spa in February when my chum Sandy comes for a visit. Do you know if there is a guard station. i.e. security on the road ? I’m dying to go peer in the windows.

15 08 2013
22 06 2014
Valerie Van S

I am off to see this today, glad I stumbled upon your blog. The hotel thing is bizarre. 🙂 I am glad that you are enjoying Canada.

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